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Our Genetics

We Don’t Sell Them to You Until We Prove They Work for Us!

HillSide Angus Farm

Hillside’s Program

Hillside Angus Farm breeds for a balanced, high-performance Female. We select for superior fertility, excellent mothering ability, adequate milk, sound udder structure, growth, carcass, phenotype and longevity. At Hillside Angus Farm our goal is to produce Angus seedstock that is able to perform at the top of all levels of production. We will not give up any one economic trait in order to be extreme in another. We want to produce as many of the really good ones as we have to take care of and insist they be top performers in all traits. We have been striving for this goal since 1982. We breed and perpetuate our hightest performance females to the best, high-performance and high-accuracy bulls available in the Angus population. Hillside Angus Farm stacks generation after generation of the breed's best genetics in every planned mating.